2020-2021 Loose Moose Catering Menu

Catered Food delicious

Our famous hot roast beef for sandwiches
3-4 sandwiches per pound on a 3” bun
6-8 sandwiches per pound on a slider bun
due to hi cost of beef pricing please call for current pricing

Pulled smoked pork: 10.97/lb.
Smoked brisket: 16.97/lb. (14 lbs average per roast)
Full rack smoked ribs please call for pricing

Jumbo Fried Bone-in wings
Jumbo Smoked Bone-in wings
36-wings 36.00
72-wings 72.00
108 wings 108.00
Moose nuggets (boneless all white wings)12.97/lb.
Sauces are extra – $5/12oz. container – Choose from Homemade Hot, Chipotle Ranch, Caribbean Jerk, Frank’s Sweet Thai Chili, Franks Red Hot, Thai Peanut, Garlic Parmesan, Frank’s Garlic, Carolina Reaper, BBQ, Teriyaki, Sweet & Sour, Sriracha Bourbon, Homemade Buttermilk Ranch and Bleu Cheese

Moose’s Homemade Potato Salad $29/gallon

Italian pasta salad $35/gallon

Fresh fruit $43/gallon

Broccoli grape salad $39/gallon

Traditional baked beans $39/gallon

Norma’s Chicken salad $39/gallon

Cole slaw goes great with the smoked pork $29/gallon

Traditional taco meat: call for pricing
Shredded fajita chicken breast: call for pricing